Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nauti Kisses by Lora Leigh

Nauti and Wild : Nauti Kisses #6

When Sierra Lucas is attacked and her life in danger, there is only one place she can go. To the man she has loved for most of her life. The man she gave her virginity to. To a man that was to drunk to remember.

John C. Walker has fought his feelings for Sierra for years. It's been a year since he saw her last, since she started avoiding him, running from him. He's moved from Boston, created a life and home that is almost complete. And now, with Sierra hurt and in danger he will do everything in his power to keep her safe ... and by his side. All John has to do is keep her safe, eliminate the danger and convince Sierra he won't break her heart - again. And it might take more that a few Nauti Kisses.

John and Sierra's story was great. A wonderful way to end the Nauti series. It tied together some of the elements from a couple of the other books without repeating the other stories. I'll definately miss my NAUTI BOYS.

I've always hoped for a cross-over and will continue on with my little fantasy. Maybe Natches Mackay's son Faisal will become a part of the Tempting Seals or fall for one of the Elite Ops 2 women (which is my favorite theory). I would love to see them come together in some way.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Yes I can admit that I have become some-what obsessed with Stacia Kane's Chess Putnam / Downside Ghosts series. Yes #igotsTERRIBLEfever . Something I doubt I will ever get over, nor do I want to. This is a must read series for the UF/PNR fan.