Thursday, March 24, 2011


A Pocket Full of Spells by Ash Stirling

Braeden Wolf Series Book 1

Synopsis (LazyDay Publishing)

When a suburban warlock juices his gang up on a cocktail of drugs and magic there is an explosion out on the streets. Rival gangs can't compete and the police, corrupt and inefficient, have better things to do. The power brokers who control The City pay them little attention, the events out in the 'burbs of little threat to them.

Only crazies of the type of Braeden Wolf are willing to do what needs to be done. With wires in his vein, fire in his blood and a gun in hand, he will need all of his street smarts to survive against fearless killing machines that just won't die.

For once he is not alone. A stranger, crazy even in a city full of crazies, is there to confront the warlock as well. A crazy who brings a sword to a gun fight....


A Pocket Full of Spells was a great intro to a promising new series. Ash Stirling combines some of my favorite paranormal elements into his Cyber-punk world. Our “hero” Braeden Wolf is just cool. I love that he’s confident without being arrogant, yet doesn’t take himself too seriously. His snark and quick come-backs were great. The fight scenes were awesome and full of action. Braeden also has a habit of giving nick-names to the people he meets, which I got a kick out of (I have a nick-name addiction).

This brings me to some of the secondary characters/ sidekicks. I’m a big fan and to me they can make or break a book. These characters were great. Isaiah, Raven/Blue, Haphazard, Zoe and the hybrid zombies are interesting and fun. I would definitely like to read about them again and see what else they have to offer.

I would also like to mention that, as the first book in a series, it was really nice to not be overwhelmed with backstory. Sometimes “Book 1” can be all about setting the reader up to understand future books. I didn’t feel the Braeden Wolf series needed it and I never had a sense of missing anything. A Pocket Full of Spells was not an information booklet to the rest of the series. It was a great story as a stand-alone as well as part of a series.

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