Saturday, September 24, 2011


One week of mind-blowing sex on a beautiful Caribbean island. Of all the business proposals financial tycoon Dominic Saxon has heard, Taylor Steele's is definitely the most tempting. All Taylor wants in return is for Dominic to father her baby. No strings, no commitments…just a mutually satisfying arrangement. Make that very satisfying. For a man with no intention of marrying again, it sounds ideal.
Taylor wants a baby, not a relationship. And sexy, intelligent Dominic seems like a man with perfect genes. Turns out, Dominic has perfect everything. Their "procreation vacation" is a whirlwind of sensual ecstasy. But when it's over, will either of them be able to say goodbye?

My Quickie Review:
I have this in e-book form so I'm reading on the go using my black berry. I'm almost half way through this book & I'm thinking " Maybe I should buy the paperback so I can lend his one out! " 01/06/10 @16:25 km 

I really like this book & the characters. the book it's self is very HOT. There are several books in the series before this one. I didn't feel like I was missing anything. it just made me think "I really should read the earlier books." I will definitely be playing catch-up with this series. Can't wait to read about the younger sister.

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